the story

Based on a popular story by young author Wendii McIver, this short experimental film captures the life of its lead character Maë, spanning her childhood. As she grows up, a bright star by the name of Armie watches over her. Little does she know, Armie may signal the end of the world.

The Cast + Crew

Starring Gaia Gray + Chad Whitson

Featuring Francesca Hietala Bechtholdt

Narrated by Kate Durman

- A Young Astronauts Picture -

Produced and Directed by Mark Cira

Written by Wendii McIver

Producer Jonathan Pereira + Adam Stewart

Co-Producer Eric Lehrman + Abby Ho

Executive Producer Tyler Savery + Nev Todorovic

Director of Photography Adam Stewart

Sound Design and Mix James Parnell

Locations Iban Ruiz + Jessica Vasconez

Casting Sara Rados

Titles by Brandon Ainsley

Special Thanks Dianna Bechtholdt + Niagara Custom Labs


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