OMEGA ACCESS is redefining masculinity with this web series which explores intimate portraits of men who don't fit the typical cultural "masculine" stereotypes. Funded by the Movember Foundation, the series serves as a reminder to young men everywhere that there is no right or wrong way to be a man. 

This series was very important for me as it offers a narrative alternative to the stereotypical masculine figures in the media. Below are some of my favourite episodes from the series.


Antonio takes us out on his board in an urban oasis and later shows us what it’s like to surf in frigid Canadian waters. Balance is a skill he practices in and out of the water as work, play, love and friendships have equal roles in defining his identity.

Funded by the Movember Foundation.

Special Thanks:
Surf the Greats -
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Executive Producer: Matthew Cherkas
Producer/Director: Marc O’Brien
DOP/Editor: Mark Cira
Cinematographer: Chris De Rosa
Location and Post-Production Sound: Tim Crawshaw
Original Score: Matthew Fong and Michael Fong

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